For Sale BR03-94 SS 1st Generation

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For Sale BR03-94 SS 1st Generation

Messagepar Bpetralia » 11 Fév 2018 01:47

Unfortunately I must part ways with my very first Bell & Ross. I bought it in 2009. The watch is in very good condition cosmetically (please look at attachment photos). It has some minor scratches from normal wear and tear. I did a complete service on the watch in 2014 in which the entire watch was reconditioned externally and polished, the hands were replaced and the gaskets were replaced to seal the watch. About a month ago I was on a ski trip, and due to the cold weather (I left my watch in the car) the watch began to run fast. It gains about 50 minutes in a 24 hour period. I would get it repaired however I've spent enough money on it at this point as the last bill for the servicing was $1,456. I can furnish receipts and details of the servicing upon request. The watch includes all original boxes, packaging paperwork, warranty card, and tools, excluding the original black rubber strap because it cracked. I added photos of everything included in the following accessories that come with the watch: *note all straps are in small size

-Bell & Ross Heritage strap
-Bell & Ross New edition blue rubber strap with SS B&R clasp
-Wotancraft B-UHR 01 strap with Strapsmith Skull screw-in buckle
-Gunny Strap Blue Caitlin 6 with SS B&R clasp
-B&R Bands Carbon Fiber strap
-Jabba Strap Milspec BR-AVO strap
-Black PVD Bell & Ross clasp (NEVER BEEN USED!)


The accessories alone cost me $1,000 and recent repairs of the watch $1,456. It does run fast, so I am willing to part ways with everything included for $2,200

Sorry I don't know how to post images to this. If it makes it easier, just check my personal album in my gallery bpetralia.

gallery/image.php?album_id=101&image_id=462 ... age_id=461 ... age_id=460 ... age_id=459 ... age_id=458 ... age_id=457 ... age_id=456 ... age_id=455 ... age_id=454 ... age_id=453 ... age_id=452
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Re: For Sale BR03-94 SS 1st Generation

Messagepar Taurg » 20 Fév 2018 10:58

I can offer you the exchange, my Alpina Alpiner 4 "Race for the water" limited edition (400 copies) which dates from last me. Like new, full set, with the steel bracelet of the brand (300 €).
The new watch costs 2900 €.

If ever you are interested, or want pictures, contact me on my personal email address (

Thank you
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